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BONDIT is a high-performance bonding agent for Gypsum on concrete blocks/RCC surfaces. Further, it has waterproofing properties, and hence it prevents leakages from the cracks in the plaster.
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Ready to apply single coat application

A very strong chemical bond is created

Coverage is about 100 sqft/kg.

PH value is 7-9

No hacking is required on concrete surfaces. Hence prevention of microcracking in concrete & saving of labour

The bonding strength is more than 2kgs/sqft.

It is an elastomeric material & hence can withstand movements in the structure without cracking.

BONDIT-151 is a mixture of Polymer-Cement composite and can be used for multiple purposes.

BONDIT-151 is a mixture of Polymer-Cement composite and can be used for multiple purposes.

Waterproof Coating

Crack Sealing

Bonding of Gypsum/Cement

Plaster to Concrete

Concrete Repairs

Tile Fixing on Walls

Fixing Tile on Tile

Waterproof Coating

Clean the concrete surface with brush.

Fill any depression with mixture of cement, silica sand & Bondit-151 in the ratio of 1:1:50:0:50.

Apply first coat of mixture on moist concrete.

Third coat also can be applied if required.

After air drying for 4 to 6 hours, cure the coated surface by spraying water for 24 to 48 hours.

On terrace for top coat white cement can be used.

Wash the concrete surface with water one hour before application of Bondit-151.

Mix Bondit-151 & cement in the ratio of 1:2.

After 4 to 6 hrs apply 2nd coat of mixture.

Fresh coated surface should not be submerged in water for 48 hours.

Surface is usable after 24 hours of treatment.

Crack Sealing

Make V-groove on the face of the cracks.

Make the crack wet.

Mix Bondit-151 & cement in the ratio of 1:2 & apply on the crack.

Add more cement to the Bondit-151 cement mixture to make suitable paste & fill the crack.

Grey or white cement can be used.

Bonding of Gypsum/ Plaster

Clean the concrete surface

Apply Bondit-151 with brush or spray machine.

After 30 to 40 minutes when Bondit-151 is tacky apply gypsum plaster.

Concrete Repairs

Clean the pocket & wet with water.

Apply in the pocket cement Bondit-151 slurry (2:1 ratio).

Mix Bondit-151, cement & silica sand in 1:2:4 to 6 ratio and fill the pocket or large cracks etc.

Fixing Tile on Tile

Clean and wash old flooring.

Mix Bondit-151 & cement in the ratio of 1:3to 1:5 to make paste depending on desired viscosity.

Apply cement-Bondit-151 paste on the back of new tile.

Press the new tile on old flooring.

Use the new flooring after 48 to 72 hours.


If the material goes in the eyes wash with water till the burning stops or immediately visit doctor.

Technical Specifications

Chemical Composition

Modified Hybrid System

Physical Appearance

Milky White Emulsion

Solid Contents

More than 40%


1500 cps Max

PH Value


Butt joint strength

2000 gsm/scm

Film Characteristics

Clear, forms flexible system with cement

Handling & Storage

Protect from frost. Containers once opened should be shut tightly to prevent contamination. Stocks should be used on a first in, first out basis.


20kgs HDPE Jerry cans

Shelf Life

6 months

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