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BUILDON Gypsum Plaster Verimiculite is produced from the light powder-density rock sourced from the purest mines. The advantage of our Gypsum is that it is the highest grade, brownish white in colour, and 40% harder than any other Gypsum Plaster available in the Indian market. This Gypsum plaster can be applied easily and directly on all surfaces without the need for sand/cement/ plaster on the walls. The coverage in a 25Kg bag is 24 Sq. Ft. with a thickness of 12mm. The Fineness of 200 Mesh and purity over 90% ensure the best atomic bond and an absolute mirror finish.
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Application of Gypsum

Surface must be clean, dry, firm & free of dust.

Important properties like soluble salt content, thermal characteristics, shrinkage, strength, suction bonding properties etc of the background to be plastered, should be evaluated before application.

Buildon perlite plaster can be applied directly on most of the surfaces like Brick walls/Fly ash brick/Siporex blocks/Concrete surfaces/Sand cement plaster walls etc.

Suitable fixture can be fixed after the plaster reaches it’s initial setting time. once the plasters has the set, you can put fixtures of varying weights. Smaller one can be supported by using steel hooks and pins, while heavies frames and objects can be accommodated with plugs and screws, or suitable fixture, adequately penetrated into the background to ensure a film hold.

Direction For Use

The right way to mix is to add the powder to water, not water to the powder.

Avoid mixing more powder that can be used within 15 minutes.

Do not temper or mix fresh material
once a mix has started to set.

After taking the required amount of plaster, always fold the open end,
to protect the plaster from moisture.

Setting time cannot be altered by diluting the mixture with water.

Technical Specifications

Purity Whiteness

Off white , 78.84 purity


Mesh 200, Residue 4%

Setting Time

Intial 20 - 25 min.
Final 25 - 30 min.

Compressive Strength (Dry)

14 N/mm2

Coverage at 12mm
thickness (25 Kgs bag)

23-24 Sq. ft.

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